My students have a wide range of reasons for using a tutor. Goals I have helped students prepare for include:

  • Preparing for a school test or exam:
    • School entry tests: ISEB Pre-Test, 11+, 13+, common entrance, 16+.
    • National assessments: KS2, KS3, GCSEs, A-levels.
    • Other: e.g. Maths Challenges, Physics Olympiads, scholarship exams.
  • University applications, in subjects such as maths, physics, engineering, computer science, etc:
    • Personal statement guidance.
    • Mock interviews (typically Oxbridge).
    • Entry test preparation.
  • Other goals:
    • Practising communication skills ahead of interviews.
    • Developing practical study habits, for exam revision and general schoolwork.
    • Guidance on time management, e.g. for revision plans and exam strategy.
    • Providing feedback and guidance on special projects, extended essays and coursework (that is maths- or science-based).

If there is a goal that you are interested in which is not listed above, please contact me and I will let you know if I can help.