Marking practice papers can be a useful way to assess whether a student is on track and to identify areas that need working on. So when it is productive for me to do some marking before a tutorial, I am happy to do so as part of my standard pre-tutorial preparation (i.e. at no extra fee). However if a client would like me to do substantial marking, especially for GCSE level and above, this can be discussed as an additional service on top of tutorials.

Revision plans

I have worked with students in the past who needed some help with making a revision plan ahead of exams. This process involves me collaborating with the student, discussing their preferred study resources (textbooks, websites, etc.), access to practice questions, and mapping their revision goals across to a realistic weekly plan. So while I am happy to work with students in this way, I am afraid I do not have any ready-made revision plans for my students (as the ideal revision style and timing preferences inevitably vary from student to student).


I try to be flexible in providing feedback to parents that A) keeps them in the loop on their child’s progress, and B) is not excessive. For some parents this means me providing a weekly update, while for others this means the end of the month, or only if there is an issue. As always, I try to be flexible on feedback frequency to meet my client’s needs.